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Are you thinking about opening a coffee shop ?

Our Coffee Consulting is your source for Coffee Business Success!

Our coffee consulting can help you develop a plan for success!

Our coffee consultants possess years of extensive experience. Our expert coffee consultant can guide you step-by-step through the process of starting your own successful coffee business.

Store Design

Most coffee businesses do a large majority of their daily business during several peak periods each day. Being able to maximize the number of customers you can service during these peak periods will help optimize your income. A good ergonomic design is essential to this goal!

Employee Barista Training

You and your employees will learn and gain hands on experience in how to produce good coffee, provide good customer service, and maintain equipment and store appearance. Because it is estimated that up to 80% of the quality of an espresso beverage is directly associated with proper preparation, great emphasis will be focused upon understanding the fundamentals of producing a perfect shot of espresso, and a creating superior milk foam.

Business Troubleshooting

If you own an existing coffee shop and are struggling to run the business and achieve profitability, then diagnosing the problems, understanding the solutions, and devising a plan, will all be vital. We can help you with business troubleshooting so your coffee business can achieve, or return to profitability.

Equipment Sourcing

Our consultant design all necessary equipment and tools that will be best suited to meet quality goals and production forecasts

The purpose of this service is to help with the selecting of the right equipment for your menu and projected business volume, and to obtain the most competitive prices possible

Coffee Buying

Review and evaluate company procurement of coffee, compare to best industry practices (origins and qualities, suppliers, contracts, pricing, buying plan (forward, spot), substitutions for market/quality fluctuation, sourcing alternatives, management of integrated logistics, examination of forecast demand allocations vs actual results)